Attorney Alan Dershowitz admitted Thursday if the 2020 presidential election comes down to Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden, he ‘could’ support the former Vice President, though he did not close the door on endorsing the President.

Dershowitz was on “The Dan Abrams Show,” broadcast on SiriusXM, when he was asked about 2020. Mediaite posted a clip of the segment.

“It depends who runs against him,” Dershowitz, a Democrat who supported Hillary Clinton in 2016, said when asked if he plans to vote for Trump — who he has defended on the airwaves the last two years in the face of the Russia investigation.

“If Bernie Sanders is nominated, that would present a real dilemma for me. I don’t think under any circumstances I could vote for a man who went to England and campaigned for a bigot and anti-Semite like Jeremy Corbin. I don’t think I could do it, I couldn’t pull that lever.”

Abrams then asked Dershowitz about Biden, who served as vice president for eight years during the Obama administration.

“I’m a strong supporter of Joe Biden,” he said. “I like Joe Biden. I’ve liked him for a long time and I could enthusiastically support Joe Biden.”

Abrams replied, “Over Donald Trump?”

“Over Donald Trump, yeah,” Dershowitz said.

Dershowitz has appeared on Newsmax TV and other networks countless times to talk about the Russia probe. A defense lawyer who has taught at Harvard Law School, Dershowitz has consistently claimed that the Russia probe and its subsequent report went too far and Democrats are “weaponizing the Constitution” in trying to bring down Trump.


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