Hong Kong faces a citywide shutdown Wednesday as Beijing’s pawns aim to push through a new law that lets the mainland’s commissars extradite whoever they like for “justice” in kangaroo Communist Party-controlled courts.

More than a million — one in seven citizens — took to the streets Sunday to protest the bill. But the puppet chief executive, Carrie Lam, says she’s going ahead: “We are still doing it, out of our clear conscience, and our commitment to Hong Kong.”

Commitment to her masters, more like it.

When Britain ceded control of the island city in 1997, Beijing promised to uphold Hong Kong’s freedoms and its legal system until at least 2047 under the slogan “one country, two systems.”

But the Chinese Communist Party keeps breaking its word, or at least seeing what it can get away with. Back in 2003, Hong Kong saw demonstrations half this size derail plans for dissent-crushing new laws on treason, sedition and subversion.

The people know the stakes now: Though Lam pretends it’s about sending back fugitives from the mainland, the law would finally let Beijing haul away political dissidents and government critics.

All this comes a week after the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Pray for the people of Hong Kong, standing up to keep their freedom and wondering if the tanks will roll in again.


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