Harold Schaitberger, who heads the International Association of Fire Fighters, called on President Donald Trump to support a bill granting additional money to the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.

Schaitberger, the general president of the IAFF, made his comments during a Thursday interview on Hill.TV.

“Quite honestly, it would also be helpful if the administration would kind of weigh in and I haven’t really seen any specific indication from them on where they stand,” Schaitberger said.

“I do find it interesting that with the president and an administration that does offer their strong support for law enforcement, first responders that on a bill that’s so critically important, we haven’t seen any indication of that support at least at this time.”

His remarks came after emotional comments by comedian Jon Stewart, who testified Tuesday before a House subcommittee regarding the additional funds.

“Jon has been such a strong advocate on behalf of this issue,” Schaitberger said. “He’s really stood with first responders, firefighters, our members, law enforcement (and) port authority.”


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