The Air Force’s highest ranking female fighter pilot was fired from heading the Pentagon office responsible for overseeing some of the military’s closest-held secret programs, Stars and Stripes reported Tuesday.

Maj. Gen. Dawn Dunlop was booted May 31. The office she headed is responsible for oversight of the Pentagon’s special access programs, which are highly classified projects that require security and safeguards beyond the scope of typical secret information.

Air Force Lt. Col. Michael Andrews, a Pentagon spokesman, confirmed the removal but would not comment further, the military news outlet reported.

But Stars and Stripes, citing an unnamed Pentagon source, said Dunlop was the subject of a Defense Department inspector general probe, though the source would not say what triggered the investigation.

According to Air Force Times, Dunlop was accused of fostering a “toxic work environment” in the office, screaming at senior military officials and calling Army and Air Force leaders “idiots.”

Dunlop was recently featured alongside other female Air Force aviators in recruiting videos shown alongside the film, “Captain Marvel,” which featured Brie Larson as the superhero whose alter ego is an Air Force F-16 pilot.


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