Saudi Arabia agrees with the United States that Iran was behind the suspected attacks on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel al-Jubeir said Thursday.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the attack on two oil tankers was one in a list of Iranian and Iranian-backed attacks over the last month, declaring it was a “clear threat to peace, security, and freedom of navigation.”

Jubeir told CNN: “We have no reason to disagree with the secretary of state. We agree with him.”

“Iran has a history of doing this,” he said.

Britain also shares Pompeo’s assessment Iran is to blame for two attacks, The Jerusalem Post reported.

The United Kingdom also warned Iran these actions were “deeply unwise,” Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said, the news outlet reported.

“This is deeply worrying and comes at a time of already huge tension,” Hunt said in a statement. “I have been in contact with Pompeo and, while we will be making our own assessment soberly and carefully, our starting point is obviously to believe our U.S. allies.

“We are taking this extremely seriously and my message to Iran is that if they have been involved it is a deeply unwise escalation which poses a real danger to the prospects of peace and stability in the region,” he added.

The attacks require the international community to scramble to protect regional stability and security, the United Arab Emirates’ Minister of State for Foreign Affairs said Thursday.

“Wisdom and collective responsibility are needed to prevent more escalation,” Anwar Gargash tweeted, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Iran has rejected the U.S. claim they were involved in Thursday’s tanker attacks.

Al-Jubeir also told CNN he does not know where the body of slain journalist Jamal Khashoggi is.

“This is an ongoing process, and we will get to the bottom of it and we will hold those responsible accountable,” al-Jubeir said about the October 2018 murder of The Washington Post columnist. 

But when pressed about where the body is, al-Jubeir said “we understand from the investigations . . . there was a local [Turkey] collaborator who disposed of the body,” he said, adding it was unknown where the disposal took place.

“There was no authorization to kill Khashoggi,” he declared, adding: “We believe it was an operation that went wrong.”

Reuters contributed to this report.


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