Sen. Pat Toomey, who has been fighting to end the nation’s sanctuary cities, said Wednesday he has reintroduced his “Stop Dangerous Cities Act” to withhold federal funding for cities “that choose to endanger all of us this way.”

“I’m going to insist on a vote and take another run at getting this done,” the Pennsylvania Republican told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.” He said it is “outrageous” when city governments “confer a special legal protection on citizens, provided that they came here illegally. It is madness. It endangers all of us.”

Toomey called Philadelphia “one of the most egregious sanctuary cities,” and said such cities, by attracting criminals who are in the country illegally “jeopardizes all of our safety.”

Toomey said the issue is a “defining” one for the 2002 race, but he doesn’t see how “reasonable people’ can conclude that criminals should be freed to roam the streets because they entered the country illegally.

“The president has been right on this; Republicans have been right on this,” said Toomey. “It is about our security. People get that if Democrats want to continue to defend the proposition that violent criminals should be turned loose on our streets as they got here illegally, — good luck with that. It makes no sense.

He also responded to poll numbers in Pennsylvania showing Vice President Joe Biden ahead of Trump, by 54% to 43%.

“Pennsylvania is always a competitive state and a volatile state,” said Toomey. “It will be competitive right until the end.”


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