Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has been on a bill-signing spree this week, and among the legislation he enacted into law was a bill that allows farmers to grow hemp and legalizes certain CBD oil products.

As The Dallas Morning News noted, it is now legal in Texas to grow hemp. And from those hemp plants can be extracted various CBD products, which are made from the oil of the cannabis family of plants.

The new law stipulates CBD products must contain less than 0.3% of THC in order to be sold. There are also labeling and quality standards that must be met.

Marijuana, however, is still outlawed in Texas.

“I am excited that we have taken one more step towards giving producers in Texas the opportunity to grow hemp,” Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller said. “Texas will be a leader in hemp production, and we will be submitting our plan and writing rules to follow the 2018 Farm Bill and the law recently enacted in Texas.

“This will be another tool for farmers that are looking to diversify their farming operations.”

The government removed hemp from its list of federally controlled substances last December, which cleared the way for farmers to grow the crop on a larger scale.


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