President Donald Trump Friday, while commenting on his plans for a new paint job on Air Force One, compared his wife Melania to iconic first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis while commenting on reasons he’d like the plane’s colors changed from the signature light blue color it’s been for years.

“It’s been a long time and fits the plane better,” Trump told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” during a lengthy interview. “I like the concept of red, white and blue, and I think it’ll look much better actually. The navy blue doesn’t fit with us.”

He acknowledged that “people get used to something,” but the plane’s current colors are “Jackie O and that’s good, but we have our own Jackie O, it’s called Melania, Melania T.”

The plane’s traditional look was designed by President John F. Kennedy and first lady Jackie in the early 1960s, but Trump has said he wants a color scheme that “looks more American” and isn’t a “Jackie Kennedy color,” reports Axios.

His call for change has caused some issues with Air Force officials, who say the current colors are “known around the world.”

Trump Friday praised his wife, saying “people love her” even though she gets “no credit from the media.”

“When I go speak in big crowds, we have tremendous crowds, and so many people are holding up banners, (saying) ‘we love our first lady,” said Trump, noting that they even compliment the stiletto heels she wears.

“The time the news said she walked in high heels to the Texas flood, she likes to look elegant (but) she carries sneakers” when she’s out of the public eye, said Trump.

He also commented on his trip to London, saying he’d gotten criticized for having “too much fun.”

Queen Elizabeth’s “people”  said “she hasn’t had so much fun in 25 years,” said Trump. “We have a great relationship and I had a great relationship with (Prince) Charles and honestly I have a very good relationship with a lot of the foreign leaders.”


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